A Ridge Too Far

A Quiet Place To Unwind and Have a Laugh or Two

I am Dr Dave Charlton. I am an old git who frankly tires of the tedious and craves a time when I can retire and seek out new interests without having to get up at silly o'clock to earn a few quid. 

But, never mind, for now I have to work, but hey!! Who cares!!

For now though, this is going to be our little retreat where we can just have a moan about the World together and look forward to enjoying ourselves doing what we like doing. For me, that is my Gym activities to stay fit and resist the old age thing and my hobbies, my music collection, sport and canal boating!! All of which you will find out more if you navigate this site. 

So join me, have a moan, have a whine, have your say, I don't care, but above all else enjoy life because no other bugger will do it for you!!

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