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Thrash Metal

Posted on November 12, 2017 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Last week I thought about doing something a bit off the wall. My son Alex and his fiancée Amber are sound engineers with their own company and regularly attend gigs to support bands to get the best sound for them. Believe me, a good PA can sometimes be the saviour of some of these bands!! Anyway, I digress. I decided to go to one such gig on Thursday. The theme was metal, specifically the theme was thrash and doom metal, you know the sort of thing, where the musicianship is great, the rock and roll immaculate, but the vocals are a mix of high pitched wailing, soulful harmonising and more often than not, incomprehensible guttural throat warbling and screaming. Not that I think this sort of aggressive and violent demonstration of rock culture does not have its place. It is just that I prefer a more classic rock performance. I am more Led Zep than Slipknot, though I enjoy both when the mood takes.

So, I entered the venue, expecting to see a mix of denim and leather clad rockers, ranging in age from 16 to 66, the older generation displaying the obligatory bald man's pony tail, you know the thing, the tuft of hair at the back that is so out of place with the receding hairline. Instead, I was struck by the fact that at my advanced age of 54, I was at least 25 years older than anyone else in the venue. I could not help thinking that I had somehow walked into a high school prom evening, only the 'kids' were all there in the usual mixed attire of ripped t shirts, leggings and spiked hair!! On all three counts, I was somewhat devoid of any tangible street credibility!

Still, I was redeemed by my status as a VIP!! The sound engineer booth housed my son and fiancée and I bought three bottles of beer and walked over to the sound booth. The surly bouncer with the archetypal thick neck and stubbly beard held up his hand as if to block my path and prevent me entering the 'restricted area'. At that point a voice was heard, 'it’s OK, he's my Dad!!' at which point I was ushered through. The joys of having status as a Dad!!

The night was fun, I was definitely the Grandad of the party, but everyone was welcome and I certainly didn't feel out of place. It was good ole fashioned rock and roll though, there was a trashed base guitar from one band who went all 'Who' on us. One band wore balaclavas throughout, no doubt in case anyone recognised them and wanted to offer critique. The PA was blown by excessive loud screaming of one band and even the limited mosh pit drew attention as one lad was thrown to the floor and promptly broke his elbow!! All in all, a good night all round!!

So Much for Democracy

Posted on June 11, 2016 at 4:20 AM Comments comments (0)

So here we are, another weekend nearer to the great EU Referendum. Will we, won't we? Well who knows, but what is for sure is that whatever my personal vote is going to be, whether to stay in the EU or go for the 'Brexit', I know that the decision will be based on my own gut feeling and not what I am being told in the media or by Politicians for that matter.

I have actually found the debate around this referendum a depressing mix of personal attacks and jibes, followed by spurious outpourings from a range of Politicians and pundits who are so entrenched in their beliefs that any form of debate is crushed into sound bites and platitudes. Oh how I crave some adult discussion on a matter that is of such gravitas that a wrong decision on my part, on all our parts, could shape the very fabric of the UK for decades to come.

The lack of sensible debate was never more evident than in Thursday's Question Time on the BBC where we were subjected to an hour of posturing and pontificating and the whole ETON Mess (get it) was capped off by the cream of UK Comedy (supposedly), Eddie Izzard, who threw his arms around and pointed fingers in the face of Nigel Farage in the way a teenager would in an argument on Politics with their parents. 

The state of democracy around the World seems locked into a series of comments and media appearances and everyone seems entrenched and incapable of seeing the other point of view. the result is that rather than seeking to convey a rationale based on the facts, Politicians, as is their want, just desire to 'win' at any cost, because winning is more important than the truth and what is best for the country it seems.

I will cast my vote in a few weeks, but it will be a gut feeling and not based on what these puffed up apologies for our representatives tell me. I will do my own research and I will make my own mind up.

Perhaps for the sake of democracy all these Politicians should just shut up and let the civil servants just relay the facts as far as they know them to be true, then the 'kids in the playground' can play again after the grown ups have made their minds up about what game we are going to play today and in the future.

Cricket Heros

Posted on June 4, 2016 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)

So I said to my daughter and wife at the T20 cricket match at Hove last night, there is Alec Stewart. My daughter says that he was her childhood hero (now I feel old) and promptly goes over and casually asks for a selfie!! Mr Stewart was very kind and, I quote, 'a selfie?...of course you can'!! A Gentlemen and one of my sporting heros too.